See the World Through Our Eyes: In Virtual Reality

Posted on May 12, 2015
Steaming Volcano

There's a world of data coursing all around us -- we look for connections that make sense of it all.

What better way to understand Two Sigma than to see the world through our eyes…(well, almost). Walk through Times Square, hover over a volcano, float above Dubai and walk through Two Sigma’s offices in Soho, NYC to get a taste of how we make sense of, and discover value in, the world’s data.

  • For the best desktop experience: Hit play and view the video in fullscreen mode. Click and drag your mouse around the screen to look around.
  • For the best mobile experience: Click here to play via Youtube. Tilt and rotate the phone to look around.
  • Have Cardboard? Follow the mobile instructions, press play and then hit the Cardboard icon.
  • Have an Oculus or Samsung Gear? Download* appropriate video file: Oculus RiftSamsung GearVR
steaming volcano