Two Sigma Partners with Kaggle

Posted on December 2, 2016
Two Sigma Financial Modeling Challenge Banner

The depth, breadth, and sheer volume of data is exploding, and with it the number of data scientists is increasing in an effort to match.

Two Sigma has entered into an exclusive partnership with Kaggle, the world’s leading data science platform. Together, we’re running an experiment to test what untapped value the global data science crowd can discover in the financial markets.

On December 1st, we launched our first public coding competition with Kaggle. Their community of over 700k data scientists has been invited to compete in a financial modeling competition, submitting code to forecast returns, with scores appearing on the competition leaderboard virtually in real time.

Two Sigma and Kaggle have worked in close collaboration to develop the technology and design required to effectively conduct a competition with time-series financial data. Both companies are excited about this partnership and view this collaboration as an opportunity to develop tools and capabilities that will best position the data science community for success.

To join the competition, click here.