Archival Storage at Two Sigma

Posted on October 13, 2017

Author: Joshua Leners

Presented at: The University of British Columbia

AbstractThis talk is about archival storage at Two Sigma. We begin by presenting CelFS, Two Sigma’s geo-distributed file system which has been in deployment for over ten years. Although CelFS has scaled to serve tens of petabytes of data, it uses physical partitioning to provide quality of service guarantees, it has a high replication overhead, and cannot take advantage of outsourced cold storage (e.g., Amazon’s Glaclier or Google’s coldline). In the rest of the talk, we describe our response to these limitations in Jaks, a new storage system to reduce the TCO of CelFS and serve as the backend for other systems at Two Sigma. We also discuss how we hedge risk in changing such a foundational system.

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